4 Steps to Selling a Solution, Not Just a Product or Service


Most products and services are designed to offer a solution. So present yours and not just your product or service. After all, people care about their problems, not your business. Learn what motivates your customers and understand the why behind the behavior to offer their best solution. Here’s four key steps to doing just that:

  1. Identify Your Buyers Persona – The first step to the success of any company’s marketing efforts starts with identifying buyer personas. A buyers persona doesn’t just describe who your ideal customers are, but also defines their roles, goals, challenges, shopping preferences, ‘watering holes’ and what motivates them. Many companies skip this step as they often feel they already know their target market.  They may have an idea, but assumptions can lead to mistakes and lost opportunities. If you don’t know who your personas truly are, their typical day and what drives them, how do you know you’re effectively reaching them?
  2. Understand Your Customers’ Pain Points – Instead of overloading your customers with everything you offer, take a different approach. Understanding your customers’ real needs are key to positioning any product or service as a solution. You may offer a great product or service, but if your customer doesn’t see it as a priority benefit, why would they buy? Pain points showcase a need for a solution. Obtaining a better understanding of your customers’ needs can enable you to better identify where you fit in and to offer a solution instead of just  a benefit.
  3. Attract Before Selling – Less about you and more about them. “Me, Me, Me” generally doesn’t get people very far, yet often it’s an approach in business When companies present themselves,  a lot dive into talking about what they do, not their customer. Alternatively, inquire about your customers’ needs and goals. Position yourself as an industry expert and invest in their interests. People naturally gravitate to other people and companies they trust and see as authority figures. Before pitching, build a trust and genuine understanding to your customers’ needs, show them you’re invested.
  4. Detailed Why you? – Know your true value proposition. Most likely you’re not the first nor the last to offer your product or service. What makes you different and separates you from the rest? Be honest and be specific. Have a 5-star rating? Great, but what does that really mean? What attributes and qualities got you that rating? Highlight and define core attributes that show your value. Being specific, backs a real solution instead of merely touting you’re the best at something.